History of Jamie & NCS

I grew in Gainesville, FL & became interested in computers at a very young age. By Middle School, I was studying computer support, assisting people through an online community called Poasters.com. Being part of that community helped me practice computer support, while learning from answers from experienced computer techs. I also began to get more hands on experience, and became intimately familiar with computer hardware.


When I turned 16, driving gave me freedom! I found that visiting people's homes and helping them with computer repair made them very happy. Plus, it was a great first job! The business grew mostly through word of mouth. When I was 17, my parent's opened a More Space Place franchise, where I also worked part time. That too was a fantastic source of networking. By 2008, I was big enough to officialize my business, soon incorporated Neighborhood Computer Support, Inc. 


While attending University of Florida Business school, I continued to work at my parent's store, and grow NCS. After graduating, I had a big life decision to make. While everything in NCS was going great, I wasn't sure about where I wanted to go from there. I was born & raised in Gainesville, FL, but I didn't want to live their forever. In 2011, I moved to Bradenton, FL, passing my customers to another Gainesville native. I worked at Office Depot as a manager for just over 4 years, and also the go-to tech at each store I worked at. 


Then in October of 2015, I decided to move back into the small business world. There was just no substitution for the freedom and magnitude for which I could help people with their computers while working as NCS. However, I couldn't start from nothing again. So I joined with the More Space Place franchise in the Bradenton area, the same business my parents ran in my hometown.


I now look to re-establish NCS here in the Manatee-Sarasota county area. I love the area and the people who reside here. I feel so at home already, and establishing my business will be a way for me to finalize my roots here for good!

I have a passion for computers, and helping individuals have the best experience with them as possible means a lot to me. I hope it takes me to a place where I can survive off my business full time, but I need your help! If you are satisfied with my services, please tell a friend. If not, tell me. I vow to do whatever it takes to ensure I provide the best possible assistance to my customers. I am a strong believer that the customer base is the most important part of any business, but especially in a service business like this.


So if you've gotten all the way through this 'brief' history, thank you for your support! I look forward to providing you and anyone you refer me to with top notch service at all times!


Current Status


After a 5 year hiatus and a move to a new city, Neighborhood Computer Supportc Inc, has reopened for business as of December 2015. Jamie Kirk is the President, CEO, and Lead Technician. While currently working two jobs, Jamie's goal is to get NCS off the ground, and establish itself as a premium computer support company in Manatee and Sarasota counties. 


Jamie's Career History
  • Neighborhood Computer Support in Bradenton/Sarasota          12/2015 to now
  • Office Depot Manager in Bradenton/Sarasota
  • Neighborhood Computer Support in Gainesville, FL  8/2004 to 6/2011
  • University of Florida Graduate on 5/2010
  • More Space Place in Gainesville, FL            3/2005 - 8/2010



Yes, that's me, Jamie. I am the actual person that you will meet to get technical assistance.


I have been providing professional computer services one way or another since 2003. If you are interested in my history, read on! If you are looking for the services I offer, click here.

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