Service Details & Pricing

Neighborhood Computer Support believes in a fair, honest, and up front pricing system. We guarantee that our work is top notch, and that you will feel that your money was well spent!


We offer different options to help you! There are currently 4 different service options available, each with their own price structures:


  • On Site Support - We come to you and perform the work on your device right there on site

  • NCS Pick Up/Drop Off - We come get your device, perform thorough work off site, then bring your device back.

  • Customer Drop Off/Pick up - You bring the computer to Jamie at More Space Place, then you pick it up upon completion

  • Remote Support - We login to your device remotely and provide support that way (Windows & Mac only)



On Site Support
On Site Support
On Site Support

Providing support in the comfort & convenience of your own home was initially our primary service. We specialize in solving problems right there on site, which makes it easy to show you, the user, what went wrong, what we did to remedy the issue, and how you can prevent it in the future.


Our standard rate depending on distance & service required  is $80 to $100/hour with a $60 minimum. There is no service or house call fee, it is all inclusive.


In some cases, it is necessary to convert an On Site Support service into an NCS Pick Up/Drop Off service. In which case, we will discuss exact pricing before we take possession of your device.

NCS Pick up/Drop Off

Certain issues or circumstances necessitate the need for us to temporarily take possession of your device. Severe Viruses, Data Recovery, Hardware Repairs, and Operating System Corruption are primary examples of issues that are generally performed in our office. This gives us the proper resources to resolve your device's issues, while costing you far less.


Pickup and Drop Off service is $30 each way for any location in Manatee County or North Sarasota County (North of SR72/Clark RD). For further distances, please add $1 per mile each way. 


For details about service, pricing, see the Itemized service pricing at the bottom of this page

Customer Pickup

Similar to the NCS Pick up/ Drop Off service, prices are based on service being performed as opposed to paying for time. However, if you drop it off to Jamie at More Space Place, you'll not have to pay for us to come to you, making this a very budget friendly option.


Click this link to see the Address, Phone Number, and Jamie's normal hours at More Space Place in Bradenton.


For details about service, pricing, see the Itemized service pricing at the bottom of this page

Remote Support

In many cases, simple problems or questions can be resolved very quickly via a remote support connection. This is where you allow us to connect to your computer through the internet. We use secure remote software, such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer.


If you would like us to set this up on your computer ahead of time, let us know! It makes it quick and easy to request remote support in the future.


Contact us via phone or e-mail to setup a remote access, or to inquire about its feasibility for your project.

Service packages and pricing
Tune Ups

Regular device maintenance is a great way to prevent issues and keep it running as quickly as possible. We have various levels of tune ups available:


Basic Tune-up:                $40

  • Analyze & Remove Unnecessary Startup Items

  • Clear out commonly used program cache's

  • Ensure Anti-Virus is up to date and functional


Standard Tune-up:         $60

  • Includes the Basic Tune-up, plus...

  • Analyze and Uninstall unnecessary programs

  • Manually Search File Structure for unnecessary leftovers

  • Setup/Update Backup on provided/purchased device

  • Tweak power saving settings

  • Ensure Windows Updates are working correctly


Premium Tune-up:         $100

  • Includes the Standard Tune-up, plus...

  • Search Windows OS & Drives for Corruption or errors

  • RAM & HDD/SDD Reliability & Endurance Testing


Virus/Malware Removal:

Add $20 to $100 to Tune-up service of customer choice

Price varies depending on severity of infection. Full removal guaranteed, but different infections caught are not.



Full Operating System Setup

When we setup a computer from scratch, we want it to be absolutely perfect and easy for you! That being said, we automatically include:

  • Installing Windows from scratch

  • Install & Update all drivers possible

  • Installing all Windows Updates (Time Permitting)

  • Install any free software listed on

  • Install up to 2 customer provided programs

  • Restore up to 10GB from a backup

  • Setup easy Backup system on provided/purchased device

  • Test Functionality of system to ensure performance and stability is consistant with system specifications




System Cloning

If you are upgrading to a new Hard Drive or Solid State Drive, and your old one is in good working order, you may opt to have your drive cloned to the new one. While having everything cloned over is convinient, any problems may be cloned over as well. While this service does include a Basic Tuneup, more thorough tuneups or virus/malware removal may be recommended if need.