Solid State Drive Conversion Promotion

Who wouldn't like to have a significantly faster computer? Or have to worry about Hard Drive failure? I wouldn't want to. That's why I use Solid State Drives whenever possible, combined with regular backups.

A Solid State Drive replaces or supplements the mechanical Hard Drive in your computer. A good SSD is significantly faster and has a much lower chance of random failure than delicate mechanical hard drive.

Let NCS upgrade your computer to take advantage of this technology that is finally becoming affordable to everyone. Thanks to fantastic pricing Crucial BX100 250GB SSD, we are able to provide a promotional Power House Tune Up for your comptuer!

This service includes:

- New Crucial 250GB BX100 Solid State Drive

- Cloning or Reinstallation of your Windows Operating System on to the new drive

- Standard Tune Up & Hardware Checkup

Normally, a full service like this would cost around $300.

We are offering the service for $200 while supplies last.

Contact Jamie for details!

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